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Celeste Cifala Roy, Founder and Director, is very proud to be starting her 27th year of Everybody Move, Inc. Celeste has taught early childhood movement and music throughout the North Shore since 1987. She formerly taught for the Music and Movement Center in Lake Forest, National-Louis University's Movement Center and for the Old Town School of Folk Music. Celeste loves to cultivate an environment of comfort and fun in her classroom so that the children and parents get the most out of this playful and imaginative time together. She is also a certified YOGA instructor and is teaching Chair Yoga at the Community House. Celeste loves children and has happily raised four of her own with her husband, Rene'. AND she is now the proud grandmother of a precious little girl. 

"Celeste's class has been so important to our family for the last 7 years! She truly has a gift for connecting with children in a profound way. While keeping a similar structure each week, every class offers new games, puppets and songs. Unlike other kid music classes where the teacher simply sings/plays kid-versions of adult songs, Celeste connects deeply with children, at their level, and they grow in surprising ways because of this connection. My children love to move and sing, and I credit Celeste with helping to develop this love of music. I am so grateful for the time we have spent with Everybody Move." Review from parent 2018

Winnetka Current, March 10, 2019 by Alexa Burnell


Nothing brings a smile to a youngster’s face more than the sound of great tunes and the invitation to shake it all about, which is why Celeste Cifala Roy, the founder and director of Everybody Move, Inc., at the Winnetka Congregational Church, is making a successful career around town, uniting parent and child through the shared love of music and movement. 


Cifala Roy’s own love for music and movement began when she became a mother for the first time, 32 years ago. Although she had a background in dance, voice, choreography and musical theater, she hadn’t yet realized the connection between mother-child bonding, childhood language development and music, until she was introduced, by her husband, to a program nearby. 


“At the time, my husband was the head of the theater department at National-Louis University — formerly the National College of Education — where they had an early childhood movement and music program that was created based on the development and growth of a young child,” Cifala Roy said. “I tried a class and was hooked. Not only could I see the benefit for my child, but the experience bonded me with other parents and taught me a new language to speak with my son.”


Since then, Cifala Roy has raised a total of four children, maintaining her passion for music, theater and dance all along the way. Most recently, she has reignited her Everybody Move, Inc., program, setting up shop at the Winnetka Congregational Church and making special appearances at the St. Francis and St. Joe’s mom and tot group in Wilmette, hoping to inspire parents to recognize the benefits music can provide.  


“What I learned from my own experience and hope to pass along to new parents of this generation, is that children as little as 6 months old, truly benefit from such programming. Children very quickly mimic sound with cooing and imitating pitch; these are the early building blocks of language,” she said. “Not to mention the social benefit for mothers and fathers; parenting can be daunting and isolating at times. Having others to connect with is so important. I also try to encourage parents to jump right in, with their own singing and dancing. I know it can feel uncomfortable at first, but I try to remind them, that when parents are silly and unafraid to become involved in the class, 
they are modeling a positive image to their children.”


Cifala Roy teaches six classes a week through Everybody Move, Inc., for children ages 6 months to 4 years. She relies on her guitar and a variety of manipulatives, such as shakers, scarves, rattles, stuffed animals and more, engaging children of all ages, grateful for the opportunity to inspire youngsters through song and dance. “I truly love what I do; bringing children and parents together, knowing the benefits that this type of programming provides, is truly rewarding.” Cifala Roy said. To learn more or register for a class, visit

Experiences such as Music and Movement are some of "the chief architects of the brain. Experiences that fill a baby's first days, months and years have a decisive impact on the structure of the child's brain and their future intellectual, social and emotional abilities. "

Dr. Bruce Perry, Baylor College of Medicine

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